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Raja Das Photography represents such an establishment of talented photographers that can regard themselves as best among their peers, owing to their competence and higher level of artistic skill set. Grand events like a Marriage or less formal but joyous events like Annoprashon ( Rice Ceremony ) or a Birthday celebration are the occasions of our lives that become witnesses of so many precious momentous episodes of relational interactions ; seizing and framing them with perfect timing makes it possible to have lasting mementos of those times. And our photographers always aim to precisely sharp shoot those interactive and expressive seconds.

When we become responsible for framing the splendours of a marriage and its pre and post auxiliary events such as a Sangeet or a Boubhat , our keen and expert observational skills always help us in finding outstanding postures that can exemplify the nature of true charms in an image. 
Moments like when a bride’s or a groom’s eyes get lowered with bashfulness or spark up with inner joy, and the moments, when acquaintances and relatives greet each other with mirth, we mark those seconds with mastery of great marksmen. 


Creative Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata

Candid style is the classification in Photography that captures the moments without making prepared arrangements for it . The subjects in focus are not needed to be prepared for a pose and in that way the originality of the framed moment get captured with its true essence. There exist some prompt situations worthy of being captured as a picture that can be seen through a good photographer’s eyes only and by capturing those occasions via a camera falls into a splendid art form. 

 Specializing in this category of photography needs an artistic and prompt mind to be able to snap the camera switch at the right moment for as the saying goes 

cinematic wedding video in kolkata

We uphold the true real beauty of a marriage with our Videography

We are specialist in Indian Wedding Photography aswell Videography. With acute expertise putting into our work process , we try to demonstrate and uphold the true real beauty of a vast natio’s diverse cultural aspects in the sense of a blissful social norm called marriage . Marriage system, whether it represents the distinguishable cultural heritages of eastern region such as of Bengal’s or of the Western part like Punjab; whether the manners represents Southern part’s ethnic values or Northern part’s Bihari style , our proficiency makes the portrayals of the experiences gorgeously unforgettable .

At the time of Videographing different kind of occasions, we pay diligent attention in their specifications as to make and represent them as short but high class films with fine qualities of editorial, sound merging , etc type of technicalities putting in to create a valuable art form.


To acquire a taste of best experience in Photography you need to contact and have a rendezvous with Raja Das Photography

A good story maker aswell a teller , who can build up a sturdy framework of an interesting tale with his pictures. Ultimate outcomes of Raja Das Photography’s dedicated and arduous endeavors are interesting and inspiring. The carefully taken camera shots are brilliantly capable of finding their lasting place in time as fond embodied memories that we can revisit again and again.

It is not only for our professional skills that makes him sought after but also for his warm and friendly nature in dealings with his clientele . By making the shooting ambiance relaxed and hustle free he can bring out original & intrinsic hues and flavors of the events . Working ethics of Raja Das Photography has enabled to maintain enduring memories and trusting bond between the studio and its clients.


Frame the moments of your special day with the joyful ambiance that lasts in memories for ever



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