The art of arresting the right moments and turn them into beautiful pictures needs to follow some subtle creativity and proficiency


Best creative and candid photography is all about the perception and skills to seize the ideal and complete moments.

Greetings everyone, I am Raja Das, a Kolkata based expert in creative and candid photography; and before I say something about our team’s work, as to explain why we call ourselves an expert , let me first point out the importance of professionalism and expertise in case of photography.To say something about creativity we can take the help from a dictionary, and as the dictionary mentions and I quote , “creativity means the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative. ” and it is more than hundred percent true in case of ” creative photography ” . Everybody , or if not all but at least most of us, like or rather love to seize and catch the moments of our life events and best looks as images. Due to technological advancement, at present it has become so easy for us to get a hold of a camera , if nothing else then the cameras in our mobile phones has woken up our inside photographers in a large scale. But, with the easy going and fun loving aspects of amateur photography and its positive points taken into consideration, it still takes professional sense, techniques and above all experience in such a length only which can permit a photographer to bring out the true essence and spirit of taken photos and videos .

To come up with best captures a veteran creative and candid photographer needs to focus on the added elements besides the normally taken shots. Those elements can be of technical in nature, like adjusting the focus of lighting, application of post-processing , filtering and other techniques that will bring out the emotional status and textures in a picture. 

The second most important thing that a professional needs to be careful about is the objectivity while clicking for a shot. The use of technical elements should be intentional and not a matter of chance. Intentionally underexposing for the purpose of creating a dark, moody or overexposing for cheerfully bright images does make the task creative.  The secret to candid photography is taking huge amount of photos and sometimes in burst mode that is continuous shooting mode. 

The photos taken with Depth of Field ( DOF ) artistry takes a really long term professional and experienced personality to understand if not all but well.
There are no proper guidelines for being a creative thus creative photography is a challenging field of work, and that’s why good photographers find photography to be a lifelong learning affair. While one can master the technical sides of photography, it is really difficult to master the creative genre.


With the long term experience that I have gathered and what helped me in finding and understanding other professionals’ works, based on that now I can confidently say about ourselves that we are professional photographers , who are well aware about their field and of styles .

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