Candid style is the classification in Photography that captures the moments without making prepared arrangements for it

Candid Wedding Photography falls into this category of capturing sudden memorabilias that otherwise will become joyful but eventually into a bunch of fading memories .Worldwide, Wedding is an occasion that people want to remember about for a long time to come or rather to say for a lifetime , thus memories of a wedding’s certain and casual candid reminiscences are needed to be treasured throughout lifetime and even after that by the participants’ of the delighted conjugal event and also by their progenies. Remembering and preserving of those special times therefore have become a mandatory task in these days . Specialising in this catagory of photography needs an artistic and prompt mind to be able to snap the camera switch at the right moment for as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words ; and especially when a picture taken with putting skills and heart into it , it then worth even more .

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